Kim and Kevin in Viet Nam, Part Four

This is the last of our pages of pictures of our travels in Viet Nam, including a couple of glorious days in Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, and two nights in less tantalizing Seoul, South Korea. This is my first experience with a photo blog, so forgive the errors and the large web pages.

Friday, August 19, 2005

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Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City

Street vendor

Manicures for the masses

Kevin and I were outfitted with several pairs of new eyeglasses while in Saigon

A Kodak moment

Banh Mi -- bread, in the French style, available only in the morning. Most Vietnamese people have soup for breakfast. We have to admit that in Ho Chi Minh...we had peanut butter

Cafe owner and her cute kid

Excursion to Cholon
Once a separate city from Saigon, Cholon today is a vibrant commercial community. Historically Chinese, its inhabitants continue to exude a distinct culture.

Hats in Cholon

Interior of Cholon Market

Cholon resident. We didn't see very many "pets" in Viet Nam

A shop in Cholon


Typical delivery load

Poultry baskets

Ice cubes


Market food stalls

Cholon mushrooms

Cholon street

White rice...we know a lot about it now

Cholon was a cornucopia of sounds and images

Grain market workers

One of our more fortuitous adventures. We were quite the spectacle

Avocado smoothie

One of the more delightful hours in Saigon

Naptime in the Cholon Market

Observations in the market

Chinese children of Cholon

Catholic church in Cholon

The Saigon Racetrack

A girl at the track

A boy at the track

The horses and jockeys show off...and yes, they are children

Sizing up the horses


More gamblers

Preparing for a race

Leading the horses out to the track

A young jockey in action (and a very small horse)

The race

Trying to record the sound of galloping horses. Here is the only time I shot with the Super 8

Race track girl

Last Day in Ho Chi Minh City

On the this time, we had become adept at negotiating rides home on a Honda

Kevin looking very retro in his new glasses

Miss Loi's Guest House

Our favorite vegetarian Buddhist restaurant (we ate here three times in two days)

Last day in Ho Chi Minh

Miss Loi, proprietress of the guest house where we stayed in Saigon. Utterly charming, she only revealed her identity the last day...and ended up consenting to a deeply moving interview about her life. For reasons of security, her views are off the record, but she took great pleasure in hearing the playback of her own voice. She wept when the interview was over.

Monks from the Cao Dai Temple, who listened to our interview with Miss Loi and who were her close friends